Vvs Commerce

Universal and simple application for automation of a small company's sales and service activities.


Android version

This is native Android app with modern design. You can print and send documents and reports from app. Data can be loaded to a computer or to an other mobile device.

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Desktop version

This version can be run on the Windows, Linux and MacOS X computers. You can work with the database of the mobile version or we have version for PostgreSQL server. A cloud databases supported.

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On the support page you can find some technical articles, information about updates and download additional forms of a documents. You can connect with us by e-mail.

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Vvs Mobile Commerce is the capability to run on various operating systems. The mobile version can run on Android. The desktop version can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Data exchange

You can copy the database from mobile device to a computer and back. Export and import data from text file are supported. In addition, the direct connect by lan is possible.


Scalability is the system's capability to handle growing requirements and an increasing workload. The Vvs Mobile Commerce is highly scalable. It features file and client/server modes that provide various scalability options.